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Successful Websites Depend On Video

If you’re starting a business, launching a product or trying to stay popular and relevant in the minds of your customers, you need video. Quality video – especially a whiteboard animation or scribe video – can benefit search engine optimization, decrease bounce rate, and vastly improve search rankings. It can also engage your audience and convey the value of your products in ways that text alone simply cannot.


Not All Video Is Created Equal

Okay, so video is great… where’s that leave you? Generally people end up in one of two situations: either they pay big money hiring a production company to create a proper video for them, or they flick on the old webcam and start recording at their desk. Luckily there’s another option – a better option.

Video scribing is not only an affordable alternative to traditional video content, it is often more useful and engaging. It’s a new style that is sure to stick out in the minds of consumers and set you apart from the pack. The whiteboard animation style is also proven to help viewers retain more information and stay interested longer.


Why Choose ArtMark

ArtMark Video Scribing is the perfect solution for your internet marketing troubles. Three facts set us apart from the competition.

1] We are a small company. ArtMark provides you with several benefits due to its size, including our terrific customer service and personalized attention to detail. With a guaranteed two week delivery, we have probably the fastest turnaround in the business. And go ahead, shop around, we are sure that you will find that ArtMark has the most competitive prices for video scribing out there, providing you a tremendous value without breaking the bank.

2] We hire real artists. Multiple painters, sketchers, animators and designers all bring a personal touch to their work. You benefit from our relationships with these artists by receiving video with a unique style that is perfectly suited to your company image and brand identity. It also allows us to incorporate various other techniques upon request, such as stop motion animation, use of mixed media, and incorporation of live actors or live action elements. Pretty much anything you can imagine, we can achieve for you.

3] We are filmmakers and storytellers. Everyone that has a hand in your video has their vocational background in various aspects of film production. We’re particularly well suited to visual storytelling, that is, conveying emotion and human connection through graphic mediums. At every step, we can channel your reservoir of product information, brand image, and history into memorable, impactful and meaningful imagery that will connect and stick with your audience.


What You’ll Get

Great customer service
Artistic style and technique tailored to your needs
Increased viewership, retention and time on site from consumers
Engaging, quality video
Higher search rankings
Script writing support


How This Works:

1) Get In Touch For A Quote

After a FREE phone consultation discussing your particular needs, we will provide a competitive quote for your whiteboard animation video…

Rates start at $950 per minute of produced video.

2) Create Or Approve A Script

Storytelling is how people naturally communicate details and information. A compelling narrative can engage audiences longer and more fully.

Feel free to provide your own script, or we will happily generate one to suit your needs.

3) Sit Back And Relax

As soon as we have an approved script, our artists and actors get to work creating captivating video content for you.

Your video will be ready in two weeks or less once we have an approved script.


Watch some more scribe videos we’ve done for other customers…



Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Animation


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ArtMark was founded by Bobby McDonald to create compelling story lines and stellar video content to increase your sales, conversions and customers with our world class whiteboard animations and video scribing.